Blue & White (2022)

Produced by Chris Fudge & Daniel Pike

Directed by Chris Fudge

Written by Daniel Pike

Music by Ally Fiola

Starring Daniel Pike & Jennifer Samways

Short Drama

One man living with ADHD struggles to get through his daily routine.

Finding Orleen (2021)

Produced by Daniel Pike & Wendy German

Directed by Wendy German

Short Documentary08:29

In a small town, everybody knows everybody, and our story recounts a lost daughter reunited with her birth mother through serendipity and hope.

The Acrylic (2019)

Produced by Daniel Pike & Matt Hunt

Written and Directed by Daniel Pike


Athena Kaitlin Trinh, Wendy German, & Jerrett Siddall

Short Horror – 12:21

On the hunt for some new art for her apartment walls, Rosie acquires a bizarre painting from an equally bizarre art collector.

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