County House Pictures Favourite, Wendy German, scores role in Netflix film!

Wendy German, Producer and Director of County House Pictures’ upcoming short documentary Finding Orleen (2021), makes headlines across Canada including this article in the Blackburn News. Wendy, also known for her role as The Curator in County House Pictures’ The Acrylic (2019), tells us how she landed this role. 

“Wendy German has a long list of television credits, but the Windsor woman is about to add a feature-length film to her resume. In ‘Clash’, she plays a Canadian mother with a big secret.

“My agent sent me a breakdown and said, ‘hey, do you want to go to Toronto for this?’ I was living in Windsor at the time,” she said. “They auditioned me, and I knew something was happening because as soon as I finished, the director looked at me and said, ‘can you do that again?’ So, I did it again, and then he jumped out from behind the table and was giving me all these directions. That doesn’t usually happen at an audition.”


Published by Daniel Pike

Owner and operator of County House Pictures

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