Ally Fiola breathes life into Blue & White Soundtrack

Ally Fiola

We’re super excited to be working and collaborating with Ally Fiola, a saxophonist and composer from Nova Scotia. Her collaboration and work on our upcoming short film Blue & White, shows off her jazz expertise, as well as her playful experimentation with tones and melody. She brings with her an air of excitement and professionalism that would be a valuable asset to any filmmaker.

In collaboration with Plateau Entertainment, Blue & White (2022) focuses on one man’s daily struggle living with ADHD.

Ally Fiola, Nova Scotia Saxophonist and Composer

Ally’s band, The Next Quest, performs all of her original arrangements, and Ally herself plays at shows across all of Atlantic Canada. She has even performed with Unidentified Funk Object, an East Coast Music Award Nominated band.

Ally comes from a traditional Jazz background, and her unique talents are greatly showcased in her original album Dreaming Away released in 2018, which was nominated for Jazz Recording of the Year at the 2019 Music Nova Scotia Awards, and Ally herself was nominated for Best Jazz Musician of the year in 2019 and 2021 for The Coast newspaper in Halifax.

Ally has worked with a wide variety of talented musicians and composers, has received her Masters in Film Composition in the United Kingdom, where she also performed across London, including at the award-winning Pheasantry Jazz Club. For her full biography, visit:

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