Film Composer Needed

Film composer needed for an upcoming short-film about a man living with ADHD. BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and or Female Composers welcome to submit. (PAID: Small Honorarium) Send samples and or a demo reel to:

The Acrylic Offically Selected for TISH 2020!

We are very pleased to announce that The Acrylic has been officially selected for the Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival! If you missed your chance to see our premiere, now’s a great time to see our film playing at the CARLTON CINEMA this April 4th, 2020! To view the selection writeContinue reading “The Acrylic Offically Selected for TISH 2020!”

Message From The Director: That’s A Wrap! (Kinda)

What a wild month it has been! After a successful IndieGoGo campaign, we managed to raise $4025.00 for our short horror film The Acrylic. Our production weekend was busy, but everything went smoothly and extremely well. Friday want spent acquiring our equipment and putting together all our last minute details, including designing a set wall in theContinue reading “Message From The Director: That’s A Wrap! (Kinda)”

Official IndieGoGo Campaign launched for “The Acrylic”

Hey Folks, It’s Monday Night. You’re probably at home, scrolling through your phones, browsing reddit, or perhaps you’re about to stumble upon this WordPress post of mine. Whatever you’re doing right now, please stop and consider what I’m about to say. I’ve officially launched an IndieGoGo campaign for my upcoming film project “The Acrylic” …Continue reading “Official IndieGoGo Campaign launched for “The Acrylic””

Actor Athena Kaitlin Trinh cast in lead role for “The Acrylic”

Lastly, we are very excited to announce the leading role of “ROSIE” has been cast! We are really looking forward to working with Athena Kaitlin Trinh on this film! – – – Athena Kaitlin Trinh is a dora nominated, queer Chinese-Vietnamese actor, writer, and spoken-word poet. Athena attended the Claude Watson Arts Program at EarlContinue reading “Actor Athena Kaitlin Trinh cast in lead role for “The Acrylic””

Actor Jarrett Siddall Cast in “The Acrylic”

Playing the role of “THE CREATURE” in our upcoming film, actor Jarrett Siddall is no stranger to bringing strange creatures to life! Very excited to have you, Jarrett!   — Jarrett Siddall started his performance career as a dancer in Edmonton, Alberta where he worked with the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers and Citie Ballet. Jarrett cameContinue reading “Actor Jarrett Siddall Cast in “The Acrylic””

“The Acrylic” has been cast!

As we creep closer to our production, we’re proud to announce our cast for our upcoming short film “The Acrylic” shooting this November. Playing the role of “THE CURATOR” is actress Wendy German. Welcome to the team Wendy! — Wendy German is an up and coming Canadian actress with work in film, television and theatre.Continue reading ““The Acrylic” has been cast!”

Casting Call – The Acrylic

~ Casting Call ~ Seeking Non-Union Volunteer (But Free Pizza, Beer, Coffee, Snacks, Yay!) Asian Female Lead (20s – 30s) Not afraid to get covered in non-toxic kid-friendly black paint, minor screaming / physical contact involved. Acrobatic / Body Model – Tall (20s – 30s) This is a Non-Gender Specific Role, however your body typeContinue reading “Casting Call – The Acrylic”